12 thoughts on “final five

  1. How intensely powerful, yet somewhat sombre and painfully macabre, these figures seem, but…. Wow!! What an incredible impact they all have, when so closely configured together as a single group! Was this intentional? Because it really works so well!!

  2. yes absolutely intentional they were made to be exhibited together – it is my entry for the gold coast international ceramic award – since taking this photo I have actually changed one of the figures for another some new pics to follow soon. Entries have to be ready and at the goldie by next friday – so I have been working down to the wire – final pieces were only fired this week 🙂

  3. I’m glad to hear that you are exhibiting this lot as a group. They form a powerful presence together and there is this “bizarre circus” quality to them.

  4. yes they certainly have more presence as a group but as with any juried show – I am, at this stage, only hopeful of selection. If not this show I will look for another where the group can be exhibited together – hope you are enjoying your summer.

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