6 thoughts on “pointyhead brigade

  1. Another extremely provocative piece Ronnie! …. One side appears to be stone-faced and not guilty and yet the other is cringing with apparent remorse!! Perhaps crying out for forgiveness!! Only you can know the answer…….

  2. What an interesting observation – I hadn’t really seen the two sides being in such opposition – but that’s a really good call
    thank you

  3. HI Anna – I do know of Rozanne Hawksley’s work as I began my life as a textile person and have only recently diverted into ceramics – also my partner David Green taught Rozanne at Goldsmith’s College in the 70’s before he moved to Australia
    those six degrees of separation are never far away !! thanks for the suggestion it was a good one and she does beautiful and powerful work. (sorry for the delay in responding I just found your comment in spam?? not the first time I have found good things in there).

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