sirens, satyrs, sinners and the occasional saint!

New work out of the fire and ready to deliver to Anthea Polson Art at Southport Marina tomorrow.  It is about a four hour round trip but absolutely worth the drive – the gallery is beautiful and full to the brim of stunning art work.

I am working on new series which includes some of the sirens but includes satyrs, sinners and the occasional saint! back in vintage machine drawers and other boxes.  The first images are guile

3_guile copy 3a_guile_detail copy guile_detail2 copy the latter image is transgression both are mixed media assemblage , ceramic sculpture, engobe, stain, underglaze in vintage sewing machine drawers4a_transgression_detail copy 4_transgression copy


7 thoughts on “sirens, satyrs, sinners and the occasional saint!

  1. Thanks Karen I would like to accept but think the postage would far out value the individual item 🙂 believe it or not there are hundreds still available on ebay as I have long since used up my collection I had to go searching for more. People strip down the old treadles for the cast iron legs and the drawers seem to be part of the discard pile! If you would like to send me one I could fill it and send it back 🙂

  2. Good question – yes I do do prelim type sketches and use these as a starting point – but the work develops as I start to manipulate the clay – and evolves through the different stages of the clay drying process. I usually start with the head – rarely does this emerge straight away. Once I have something that I think I can work with I start on the form. I am still learning, and exploring just what the clay will reveal and how to go about putting it all together. Whilst I have a general overall impression of where I might be trying to take something there are many restrictions that I am still working through with the three dimensional aspects. I have just posted some working drawings for you 🙂 Appreciate your interest.

  3. You manage to portray such expressive features and colourful textures in all of your work Ronnie. Love the beautiful sewing machine drawers also ….They add yet another intricate dimension to your art!

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