don’t bury my heart

don't bury my heart

Sometimes documenting work before they go into the fire can be a useful practice.  This piece had a little explosion
and has suffered some facial damage and a missing shoulder/back section – but all is not lost and I have replaced the shoulder with a meccano structure and the damage echoes  traces of life experience.

This is a big heavy piece 80 x 40 x 30 cm – a mixture of terracotta and white clay. underglaze, stains – burnished.
I will post the finished piece as soon as I can get it photographed.

16 thoughts on “don’t bury my heart

  1. Extremely emotive piece Ronnie! …. Shame it has suffered along the way, but I’m sure the final expression will be worth your effort in the end!

  2. Thanks Patti – something funny happened when I answered you the first and it came up under my partner’s account but I think I have remedied it 🙂

  3. Thanks for your entry – yes slowing down the firing may have helped but I am using a community kiln with set firing procedures 0 – 200 degrees in four hours is the slowest I can go. I suspect that dampness wasn’t the culprit here – I try to push the envelope a little bit and had a mixture of terracotta, white paperclay , and another white extrafine handbuilding clay combined in the section that exploded – I think it may have been poor join – but I was surprised given the openness of all the sections that it happened. But thanks for pointing me in the right direction I am a newby and might get my own kiln one day 🙂

  4. Ah that would have been a great idea – it would have been good to have a camera when I opened the kiln – the striped shoulder piece is the section that exploded but I have managed to mend the striped section and build a whole new section at the back with vintage metal meccano
    – this is probably a better resolution than the original. Thanks Al I will have to squirrel away your suggestion for next time – a sequence could make for an interesting process/documentation in quite a different way 🙂

  5. It is like ‘change’ isn’t it… you have to embrace it and move on 🙂 but yes ‘happy accidents’ often push something in a direction you wouldn’t first have thought of – all good stuff! thanks

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