sweet siren song

A good friend suggested this title for another piece – but for me it could be the title for a whole new series.
This drawing has just been completed and I have several large head sculptures ready to go into the fire
(pics will be posted soon).  sweet siren song is mixed media on arches hot press 320lb.  120 x 100 cm
watercolour, gesso, acylic, conte, pastel and charcoal.

sweet siren song


8 thoughts on “sweet siren song

  1. It’s so evocative. And I love the mix of mediums you are using. Such depth you have achieved; there are layers to look at visually and layers of themes, too.

  2. Thanks Anna – yes I will be trying work these drawings up in a similar manner but I am never sure how the next will turn out 🙂

  3. Thanks Rosie it is a bit of both – there is a previous post called ‘out on a limb’ which was mostly completed in a life session – biro and watercolour pencil on A4. This latest drawing was based on that drawing and drawn over another old piece of work.

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