9 thoughts on “in progress

  1. Thanks Anna, the show is nearly all complete – I am hoping to hang some of the prints/drawings near their companion sculpture
    but the gallery curator will have the final say.

  2. Yesterday I thought about what I could say about this sculpture. I just gave up, but it really stayed with me and I am back today to see it again. I still can’t think of what I can say that doesn’t seem stupid. It is a WOW! It looks like a tortured cadaver with soul. I am overwhelmed by your work.

  3. HI Elephant – no comment you made would sound stupid – but I do understand what you are saying because often I want to leave comments and I feel equally tongue-tied (or is it sticky – fingered) Thank-you for leaving such a heart-felt statement I shall carry it with me.

  4. You are a gracious person. I really can’t imagine being as talented as you are, but you are so nice about responding to someone as simple as I am. My respect for your work is great. I just can’t imagine making one of the amazing pieces of art work that you present.

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