nonsense squared

Yesterday I took some old pieces of work out to Rosebed Street Gallery – the piece below is from 2008.  Vintage buttons, vintage silks from kimono , acrylic, gesso and wax.  The base is newspaper sheets folded into thick bands and then woven together, trapping a moment in time, half truths, lies and nonsense.

square root of nonsense120 x 120 cm
square root of nonsense
120 x 120 cm


I haven’t uploaded anything for a few days.  The weather has been wild and chaotic but I have been in the studio despite the heat and humidity. This huge sheet of white paper has been hanging on the studio wall for several weeks – untouched – finding the courage to begin is sometimes very difficult – progress only seems to happen when you can overcome the fear.doubt


last week I took my sewing machine into the life studio – usually i draw directly onto canvas or linen and then stitch – on thursday I stitched directly onto the canvas – trying to capture movement and feeling – the colour is watered down acrylic applied to the back of the canvas  This is the result after several more hours of stitching.