The layering of marks is a way of building and reflecting on experience – capturing presence and suggesting an absence or loss of being through obliterating the surface.
The development of a personal language, as a vehicle to convey meaning and ideas, is central to my practice and an endeavour to express the fragility and frailties of life and the human condition.

19 thoughts on “drawings

  1. Your work is great. I love the way you capture the the human form. Your use of color and line is amazing! Thanks, for liking my post, too.

  2. Thanks for leaving such a generous comment on my drawings gallery. Your work is inspired and I shall look forward to seeing more in the future. It is always exciting to see how differently other people use line in their work πŸ™‚

  3. Veronica, are the works in a sequence? The command of color is quite outstanding. The exploration in the drawings at the top is intriguing.

  4. Are the works in sequence? – almost – the most recent are at the top of the page – so there is a kind of progression. There are lots more unfinished / not posted.
    I struggle a lot with the drawings and like to show that struggle through the layering and exploration of line and form. I often almost completely block out a ‘finished’ work with gesso and allow traces from the original to reveal themselves – and work over with a completely different image. The two top images started in quite different places. Thanks for your interest, comments and questions.

  5. Hi Comfort – I am currently represented by Anthea Polson Art, Southport Australia. The gallery has a good selection of work and if there was something here or on my Instagram account that is available I am sure they would be helpful. Humble apologies I don’t normally do commissions – my experience with them has not been overly positive. Thank you so much for your generous comments and interest in my work kindest regards

  6. I feel something in my heart when I look at your work–it includes laughter and compassion and fearless expression. Thank you.

  7. Hi Veronica, I love your drawings and sculptures, saw them first on Instagram. You are an inspiration to me as I attempt to draw more, and to loosen up in my drawing. Are your figures always drawn from life, or are they from your imagination? Sheryl

  8. Hi Sheryl thanks for your email – yes most of my drawings and sculptures are developed from images developed in lifedrawing sessions. I am very lucky that i attend and help run a weekly lifedrawing group – this provides me sometimes with actual drawings that I can build on – but mostly very good source material. Sometimes I draw without a model or working drawings – I don’t use photographs as I find they interrupt my interpretation πŸ™‚

  9. Ms. Cay,
    I like your portraits and figure art very much, do you have an instructional DVD of your painting process and do you teach art workshops? Thank You, Anthony

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