bottom drawer

Originally intended for my exhibition  ‘Bottom Drawer: I wanna marry a Lighthouse Keeper’ is just one of the many that won’t fit into the space – probably quite a few will be edited out on  the day.

Clay , underglaze painting, and acrylic paints, stained and wax finish approx. 30cm


postmaster’s daughter

postmaster's daughter60 x 40 open box
postmaster’s daughter
60 x 40 open box

This box was found with the tape attached saying ‘BANG’ and with pirates signs on back – obviously a well treasured child’s secret stash box – or perhaps even an old school case or ‘port’ as we say here in Queensland.  My father was a postmaster on Bribie Island in the late 50’s/early 60’s and there were three girls. The silk transfer prints in the background of the box are stamps I made of me standing outside the old Bribie Post Office.  This sculpture is currently on exhibition at Rosebed Street Gallery.