holding on

Out of the fire – but now I am faced with finishing – I have been playing around with different size sewing machine drawers and this particular sculpture fits really snugly into one of the smaller drawers.  However on the wall of the gallery – all the drawers being the same size – I think will look stronger.

holding on 


somewhere between summer’s longing and autumn’s kindness

I have spent the afternoon cleaning and waxing the vintage sewing machine drawers for my caryatids – I have 10 sculptures completed and I am hoping to place them all in the gallery along one wall on a perspex shelf at eye level.

Somewhere between Summer’s longing and Autumn’s kindness is one of the larger sculptures that I have ready – it may get edited out during bump-in.  She is 50cm tall.between summer's longing and autumn's kindness

bottom drawer

Originally intended for my exhibition  ‘Bottom Drawer: I wanna marry a Lighthouse Keeper’ is just one of the many that won’t fit into the space – probably quite a few will be edited out on  the day.

Clay , underglaze painting, and acrylic paints, stained and wax finish approx. 30cm


no going back

no going back – it is official my exhibition has now been listed on the Sunshine Coast Galleries website

Opening Night is April 11th at 6.00pm  –

On another note – yesterday we spent the afternoon trying out new wheelchairs for my daughter – her poor old chair has really seen better days and just recently the tyres have started to totally disintegrate – a combination of sea air, humidity and use.  She will soon be the proud owner of a brand new Otto Bock chair – and what a chair it is – everything but the kitchen sink. She has a fantastic friend that takes her rollerblading along the coast strip and this will be fantastic – light weight and manoeuvrable  – way to go!!!